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Art & Media Expression: Lecture Series by Luys Scholars & Alumni


Ovsanna Gevorgyan
Columbia University
November 2017 - February 2018

Every Friday
@ 6:30-8:00pm.


Create a Luys "Art and Media Expression" learning platform to fit and nurture the creative expression of the Armenian World.

Mission: "Art and Media Expression" is a learning platform designed by Luys that bridges the knowledge and experience of Luys Scolars at the Centers of Excellence with their homeland, Armenia. This platform aims at encouraging the development of new perspectives in regards to artistic and media authorship and practice.

"Art and Media Expression" is an open source for the Armenian local youth to:

  • learn about the blooming trends in the fields of Art, Media and Communications,
  • explore film, theatre, music, journalism or photography,
  • join online and/or offline courses offered by their peers studying at the renowned art and media schools.


The AME learning platform is bringing together a community of young and ambitious artists and media specialists from around the world. It connects the Armenian youth with the centers of excellence (Columbia University, Cambridge University, Stanford, Harvard, etc.) through Luys Scholars and Alumni. The participants will also have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and individual networks of the experts in creative arts and media.


Lecture Series | Webinars | Master Classes

Luys Scholars run offline/online workshops and master classes once a week and share their newly acquired knowledge, skills and expertise in the fields of art and media. The courses are interdisciplinary and bridge the artistic experiment with the technical media. The lecturers provide a conduit to courses, resources and network. They share ideas and organize online/offline discussions with the members of the AME platform.


Who can participate: All active youth who are interested in advancing and expanding their knowledge and skills in the fields of art and media.

Participants are required to:

  • have an open mindset to learning,
  • be consistent and take part in all sessions from beginning to end and for the full set of workshops and meetings.
  • be fluent in English, although workshop will be run both in Armenian and in English.
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