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Luys cultural, scientific and educational Foundation continues its activities

Ноябрь 09, 2018

Luys cultural, scientific and educational Foundation continues its activities. The Board and the Executive Body of the Fund are in the phase of changes. Detailed information will be posted on the Foundation's website soon.

Learn. Do. Co-create.

Luys Foundation has steadily been following its threefold mission for about nine years. For the first stage, Luys Foundation’s goal was to create and unite a generation of critical, creative thinkers by multiplying the number of Armenian students attending the world's leading universities and bring them together in various programs. The best education became accessible to Armenian youth regardless of citizenship and country of residence, without any obligation.

As a result 513 Armenian students have been enrolled in the best universities of the world creating a unique community.

Although the Board of the Foundation had to suspend its scholarship program, around 70 students will be still studying with Luys funding till graduated.

Now it's time to pass to the important Do and Co-create stage, as a result of which we will mobilize the knowledge, skills, experience and network of the Luys scholars by implementing projects that will help to transform academic knowledge into action for the benefit of Armenia and the Armenian World.

A platform is created to maximize the potential of the educated, principled, creative and responsive Armenian community, the results of which will contribute to the solution of the problems facing the country. Existing challenges can be overcome only by developing innovative thinking and co-creation, as well as shaping the culture of collective thinking.

This promising initiative, based on the vision of Armenia's development, can be realized by the contribution of the knowledge and experience you have accumulated over the years.

It's high time to Do and Co-create: use our potential for the sake of our country.

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