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Yeva Sargsyan

I am an architect and theorist of architecture. I have graduated from Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction with a qualification of architect. Being greatly interested in architectural art, which I perceive as a complex science about human visual as well as non-visual environment, I very soon realized that architectural design turns into a fake process if it is not underpinned by a strong theoretical basis. However while studying at university I noticed that such a discipline as ‘theory of architecture’ is absent in Armenian academia which in my opinion is one of the sources of the problems currently existing in the architectural practice.

Facing the absence of a professional schooling in the theory of architecture I have intensively self-educated myself in this field. Later my education in architectural theory was carried out under the supervision of those elder colleagues who are outstanding specialists in such disciplines as architecture, cultural studies, history, art history and criticism, etc. As a member of the editorial office of the Armenian Times (AT) online journal ( from 2008-2010 I had the best of opportunities to publish articles, organize round tables and participate in discussions on various topics such as ‘tradition and modernity’, ‘philosophy and semiotics of architecture’, ‘self-organizing architecture’, ‘Armenian sacred architecture’, etc. I also had the honor to be the initiator of the first professional architectural media in Armenia which was launched as a part of AT’s website.

Studying in UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture opened for me new research interest. From such highly philosophical topics such as the ‘morphology of architectural form’ to ‘emotional as well as aesthetical perception in architecture’ I increasingly concentrated on the problems of historical buildings integration into contemporary urban and fabric. Topic which in turn led me to examine the problems of historical buildings legislation and management. It also gave me a strong insight into architectural journalism, a domain where I am currently the only trained professional in Armenia. On the other hand a course of social anthropology taken in Malmo University (Sweden) equipped me with good tools in social culture analysis which I greatly use in my architectural analyses.

My current research interests evolve around three main topics: ‘architectural morphology’, ‘sacred architecture’ and ‘historical buildings legislation’. I am organizing conferences or participating in forums in these fields, as well as publishing articles around these topics. I am equally working on a book about the contemporary history of Yerevan architecture or reflecting actively in my publications on major social responses to architectural problems in the country. I am also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Eastern Partnership Cultural Program where along with my colleagues from EaP countries I analyze the problems of cultural management and administration in our respective countries. I am constantly working towards the realization of my main goal which is to see the birth and development of an architectural analytical media and research institution in Armenia.

On the personal side, music is another important part of my life; I am a flute player since more than 20 years. My repertoire includes mainly Armenian folk and medieval songs, as well as baroque music.

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