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Stepan Babayan

I was born in Yerevan in 1997. I received primary education in N55 State Secondary school after A. Chekhov; however, the stage of my education that had the most effect on my personal growth began when I was admitted to Ayb High School in 2012. There, I started vigorously exploring chemistry, math and computer science, and quickly became interested in the latter. Having been a fan of video-games and other interactive media products since childhood, I chose to become a computer scientist with an eventual goal of being involved in the production of video-games.

I have successfully participated in several Olympiads throughout my academic career. I have received the 2nd prize in the Citywide Olympiad of Yerevan; I have also participated in the “Russian Bear” International Olympiad and was a prizewinner. I was a speaker in the TEDx-talk event of 2014; my speech was about video-games and their important and promising role in the future of media. I have also been a Student Council member of Ayb School for 3 years.

I was admitted to University of California, Berkeley in 2015.

I like to spend my free time watching classical Hollywood films, programming, playing video-games and chess, reading fiction and communicating with friends.

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