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Rafayel Mkrtchyan

I was born on March 3rd, 1994 in the Republic of Armenia. From 2000 to 2001 I went to the Inchuik college-preschool in Yerevan, and, in 2001, I got accepted to Secondary School N67 named after Yeghishe Charents, where I specialized in English language studies. I graduated from high school earning a gold medal for my educational excellence during my studies.

All subjects in school were important to me. There were some differences in the educational syllabi of the general public schools, and I desired to enrich my scientific knowledge but did not want to change my school. Therefore, I concurrently attended extracurricular activities at PhysMath School and Quantum College in 2008.

My school gave me an opportunity to deepen my knowledge in humanitarian subjects. From 2009 to 2011, I participated in Regional and National Olympiads in mathematics, physics, informatics, Armenian language, Literature, General History, History of the Armenian Church, English, Geography and Biology, winning 1st and 2nd class Diplomas and Commendation. In 2010 I was a member of the Armenian national selective team for the International Mathematical Olympiad and, in 2011, I was a member of the Armenian national team in the Armenian-Georgian International Olympiad. In 2010 I was awarded the Best Year of the Year by the central library named after Av. Isahakyan in Yerevan. In 2011 I published my own mathematical problems in Mathematics at School and Naturalist journals. In 2012 I had a two-month internship at the Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia.

Being the follower of the cliché “Armenian soul, Western Education”, I took specialized tests in 2012 and received official acceptance letters from the University of California at Berkeley, New York University, Boston University in the USA, Australian National University among other universities in 2013. Out of all the official invites, I gave preference to the University of California at Berkeley and am now studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Concurrent to my academic studies, I spend my free time reading as well as playing soccer and guitar.

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