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Levon Haykazyan
My name is Levon Haykazyan. I have been accepted to the University of Oxford as a graduate student. I am offered a place to read for a 1 year program for the Master of Science in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science beginning 1 October 2009.

I was born in Gyumri, in 1987. My childhood passed through a hard time for Armenia and for Gyumri in particular. The local school I attended was located in a small lodge, which was heated by an oil-stove in winters. The last four years of my high-school I spent in the college "Photon". During those years I participated in numerous Olympiads in mathematics, physics and informatics and won numerous awards. During the last year of high-school – in 2003, I participated in the International Olympiad in Informatics in USA and in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Japan as a member of Armenian national team. I won a bronze medal in Japan, which is the most valuable award I have received as a high-school student

In 2003 I entered the faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics at Yerevan State University. I kept participating in programming contests both local and international. As a member of a team, I have reached to the semi-final stage in ACM International Computer Programming Contest five times, though could never break tradition of stopping at semi-final stage. In 2007 at the annal meeting, I was recognized as the best student of my department. At YSU I become interested in mathematical logic and the foundations of mathematics and this lead me the choice of the program presented above.

"The problem is that investment in mathematics (as well as in any branch of science) is a long-time project. I hopefully will be a real mathematician who works on real problems."

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