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Gor Hovakimyan

In 2008 I have completed with honours the secondary school N114 after Khachik Dashtents (with an English bias) and been admitted to Armenian State University of Economics, the department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations.

While always trying to be one step ahead of my peers and counterparts I was offered a place at UCL (University College London) for Master’s Degree majoring in Economics and Business when I was 19 and afterwards became the youngest MA student in the department. Other than the academic knowledge gained, the double degree program paved my way to multicultural environment while providing possibility to be engaged in teamwork, various international conferences and seminars. All these knowledge and practical experience was even deepen during the 2nd year of the program at University of Tartu, with comprehensive studies on the region. By the graduation of my program I received two MA degrees.

However, my studies have never opposed to my work which I was carrying out during my studies as well. I have been general manager of a B&B type guest accommodation in Dilijan (Armenia) since 2011 and while studying was coordinating the process from abroad during the non-seasonal period and assure my presence in the guesthouse during the seasonal period.

Currently I am the co-founder and executive director at Nordic Excellence LLC based in Armenia. The sector of activity of our firm is medical tourism; at this stage mostly dental tourism (see: http://www.dtarmenia.com/en/ ).

I believe that my knowledge and experience gained abroad if further invested in Armenia will benefit my home country and the people living there.

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