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Artyom Kosyan

I was born in Yerevan in 1994. Starting from the 6th grade I have studied in A. Shahinyan's "Phys-Math" - a school specialized in physics and mathematics affiliated with Yerevan State University. The strongest stimulus for me to excel in my studies were the achievements of our elder generation in different maths Olympiads and competitions. Having seen their notable accomplishments at school and at universities I devoted myself to science for future prospects. I remember how fast I grew academically day by day due to my great instructors, talented classmates and continuous hard work.

After finishing high school in 2012, I was accepted to the Yerevan State University department of Mathematics and Mechanics. A year later I also got admitted to the American University of Armenia majoring in Business/Economics and in 2017 graduated with two bachelor’s degrees. After investigating possible educational opportunities I applied and was accepted to the University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics to study Financial Math.

Throughout my study period I have been rewarded many times for my academic excellence.I have been awarded “The Best Student of Armenia” twice during National Awards Ceremony, “The Best Student of Phys-Math school” twice, “Honorable Citizen” scholarship winner etc. During school and university years I have participated in various domestic and international Olympiads. The most remarkable achievements are as follows:

IMC (International Math Competition for university students) - 2016 - Silver, 2015 - Silver, 2014 - Bronze, 2013 - Bronze

IMO (International Math Olympiad) - 2012 - Bronze, 2011 - Honorable Mention, 2010 - Honorable Mention

IZhO (International Zhautykov Olympiad) - 2012 - Gold

International Sharygin Olympiad - 2012 - First, 2011 - Second, 2010 - Third

Besides my academic interests I am also interested in sports and art. I play basketball including in my university team and paint from time to time to release daily stress.

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