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Arshavir Ghahramanyan

I was born in Yerevan on 16 April 1991.

On September 1st 1998 I entered the first grade at Secondary School № 166 after Artem Mikoyan and studied there with excellence until 8th grade. Then I got admitted and transferred to the specialised high school, “Quantum”, to finish Armenian secondary education in the most prestigious school in Yerevan. My initial aim was to go deep into mathematics and IT, however, very soon I became strongly captivated by the beauty of chemistry, physics and biology. As I had been used to seek correspondence in everything, I started to look for interrelationships in the biological processes and to think about the amazing complexity of the phenomenon of life.

At "Quantum", soon after my admission, I was taking an active part in national Olympiads in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and even astronomy, which resulted in multiple gratifying outcomes and prizes from my participation in each of those fields. As far as the Olympiads are concerned, my major achievements were at the International Chemistry Olympiads, from which I have two bronze medals. The preparations for highly competitive examinations gave me independent and critical thinking skills and a readiness coupled with a confidence to read and understand advanced science books in my native language and in English. Besides, I was awarded as the best student of “Quantum” in 2007, and I also won the Armenian Prime Minister Award for the achievements in the international Olympiads in 2007. This gave me an advantage to be admitted to the most competitive university in Armenia, the Yerevan State Medical University, without taking entrance exams.

During my university years, I have participated in various conferences on Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Internal Diseases, Urogynecology and the 1st Basic Course In Gynecological Oncology held in Armenia in 2010. In 2009 I had the opportunity to meet the Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Aaron Ciechanover and had a chance to be present in his two, unique-in-style and impressive, lectures on intracellular protein degradation and ubiquitin-proteasome system. In the last three years, I have also been giving classes on advanced chemistry at “Quantum” high school in order to prepare students to the International Chemistry Olympiads.

Since 2010, I started to work as a laboratory assistant at the Laboratory of Cell Biology at the Institute of Molecular Biology of National Academy of Science of Armenia. This gives me an excellent opportunity to get some laboratory skills, to understand the basic techniques of doing research and to thoroughly study cell biology.

Currently I am studying medicine at University College London and participating collaborative programmes conducted by Yale University and UCL.

My aim is to become a notable physician, go deeper into the medical sciences and have my contribution for the benefit of medicine and humanity.

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