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Scholarship Program

About the program

The Luys Scholarship Program ensures that Armenia thrives and creates a stronger presence in a knowledge-based global economy, being on an equal footing with the leading nations.

Luys grants a loan or scholarship to Armenian students worldwide to study at the world's top universities.


A Loan or a Scholarship? The Scholar is the one who decides.

Each Luys Scholar once elected upon the Luys admission’s criteria will turn the money allocated by the foundation into:

  • A Scholarship if he/she serves in Develop Armenia Together (DAT) Program and/or Start Armenia Internship;
  • A Luys Loan to be reimbursed upon the completion of the degree if he/she chooses not to serve in Luys DAT Program or/and Start Armenia Internship.

The Scholarship eligibility criteria is unchanged.

The Luys allocated money will turn into a Scholarship if:
  • During each of academic year the Luys Scholar reserves the summer period to take part in the Luys Develop Armenia Together (DAT) Program. The last year of the scholarship period or the summer following the one-year academic program will be 2 months of internship in an Armenian organization.

    This work will be evaluated and given a mark from 1 to 10. Anyone under the performance of 7 will have to reimburse the Loan to the foundation.

    The Luys representation and being a Luys Ambassador will account for points in addition to the quality of performance in Armenia and the quality of the work prepared ahead of time as well as the quality and assiduity as a Mentor.
The Luys allocated money will remain a Loan if:
  • Duties are not completed as described in the Luys contract. If during the duration of the academic program the student decides to defer or cancel his/her studies and or does not complete the set of duties required by the Luys Develop Armenia Program, the granted money will considered a loan to be reimbursed to the foundation as stated in the Luys contract.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for Luys Scholarship, the applicant must:
  • Be Armenian, that is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and/or of Armenian descent.
  • Be admitted to a full-time, degree-granting academic program (Bachelor, Master, PhD) at one of the Luys Recognized Universities.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 40 at the time of application.

Applicants will be asked to provide proof of identity that he/she is a direct descendent of Armenian parents or grandparents. Applicants that are Armenian residents are asked to submit a valid passport or Armenian ID card. Non-residents must submit a birth certificate, passport of parent (father or mother of Armenian ancestry), or a baptism certificate (proof that you were christened in the Armenian Church).

A student cannot apply if he/she has only a conditional offer from a university.

Students are required to be full-time for the duration of their degree programs. Deferment of a scholarship is not allowed.

The student can apply for a Luys Scholarship only after having applied to the university’s internal student aid office for a scholarship. The financial application has to be updated and presented along with the current year academic program application when submitting the request for a scholarship with Luys Foundation. A student may not resubmit an old scholarship application.

Student cannot apply to Luys twice for the same academic degree level if he/she has already been granted a scholarship. For example, a Luys Scholar who has been funded by Luys for a master’s degree cannot apply for a second master’s degree.

You will receive support only for one degree from Luys. To receive additional support for an advanced degree (from an undergrad to master's or master's to PhD), you will be on a waiting list and awarded only if there is availability among the 10 openings per university.

Every year, the Luys online Scholarship Application period is open starting April 1 (00:00 midnight, Yerevan time), and closes on July 15 (23:59, Yerevan time). Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The first 10 students that apply to Luys to study at one of the top ten universities listed by Luys (up to 10 scholarships per university) with a full application package that shows an unconditional offer for the upcoming academic year will be eligible for a Luys Scholarship.

Required documents for submission
The total attachment size limit is 20MB

Armenian citizens should attach both pages of passport, including registration address or both scanned sides of Armenian ID card.

You cannot apply to Luys if only have a conditional offer from the university.

If you are already a current student at a university you are applying for, you need to combine the following documents into one document:
• your unconditional offer from the university
• an official letter from your university stating that you are currently enrolled at your university and will be eligible to continue your studies for the upcoming academic year which you are applying to Luys for.

In the absence of a separate application form, you should submit two additional documents:
1) the university’s refusal or approval of financing or a letter stating that the selection process is ongoing;
2) an official confirmation letter stating that you are ineligible to receive aid from the respective university and you have applied to at least one other foundation for financial aid.

If you are already a current student at a university you are applying for, you should attach an official document from your university stating your financial aid status for the current and upcoming academic years.

If such a letter doesn’t exist, you should submit the copy of the questions and answers on your university application that pertain to your professional and intended future goals.

Title: “How do you imagine your future and your contribution to the Armenian World?”.
The letter can be written in either Armenian or English and must contain a minimum of 250 words.

The biography must:
- be written in the first person and in prose form and not read like a resume;
- include information regarding your birth date and birthplace as well as educational and professional backgrounds;
- use Unicode fonts, e.g. Sylfaen or Arial AMU;
- not be translated into Armenian using an online translation tool.
To familiarize yourself with the way of drafting biographies, please follow the link: www.luys.am/en/students/index.

The biography must:
- be written in the first person and in prose form and not read like a resume;
- include information regarding your birth date and birthplace as well as educational and professional backgrounds;
To familiarize yourself with the way of drafting biographies, please follow the link: www.luys.am/en/students/index.

The photo should:
- be a high resolution formal portrait rather than a free-style photo, showing your face clearly;
- not portray you wearing sunglasses and a cap;
- not be cropped from a group picture.
A photo of your smiling face is more than welcome, but please remember that it is going to be posted on our academic site, www.luys.am.

Additional documents for non-Armenian residents

If there is no mention about your Armenian identity on your passport or your parents’ passports, you should provide your parents’ birth certificates and grandparents’ identification documents.

The passport of your parent should prove his/her Armenian ancestry.

Should there be no certificate of baptism, you must present documents that prove your Armenian identity, such as a passport, your birth certificate or the birth certificate of one of your parents.
If the document is not written in Armenian, English or Russian, you should provide a notarized translation along with the original document.

Additional documents (excluding first year applicants)

You should provide an official document with your latest GPA score. If your university does not use the GPA system, your transcript is acceptable.

Duties and responsibilities

The Luys Foundation expects students to make an effective contribution to the world and encourages civil participation for Armenia. The Luys Foundation program expects all scholars to play an influential part in the betterment of society and to be a proud Ambassador of Armenian culture anywhere in the world.

In order to transform the student loan into a scholarship grant, a scholar is required to perform his or her assumed responsibilities, which include all of the following:

  • Stay connected at all times with Luys Headquarters in Yerevan.
  • Confirm participation in the summer Develop Armenia Together (DAT) Program in Armenia and Artsakh and present a project proposal to be implemented.
  • Share his/her knowledge and passion. Run a seminar when in Armenia.
  • Become a mentor for the youth in Armenia between the ages of 15 and 25.
  • Learn the Armenian language and about Armenian culture while attending Luys programs.
  • Contribute one's scholarly publications to Luys Foundation for publishing purposes. The student shall regulate matters pertaining to intellectual property rights.
  • Host other students of the Foundation and its staff should they visit the student's university campus.
  • Provide quarterly progress reports, observations and recommendations, and periodically give information to the Luys team to post on the official website of the Foundation.
  • Join or create an Armenian Student Association or a Luys Network within the student's university community and take an active role in it.
  • Be a Luys Ambassador and an ambassador of Armenian culture, introducing the activities of the Foundation to various organizations in the respective country.
  • Take part in business trips, meetings, and discussions organized by the staff of the Foundation.
  • Donate two professional books and informational materials about the student's university to the Luys Library.
  • Join the fundraising effort of the Luys Foundation Endowment Fund, ensuring its perpetuity and the sustainability of its Scholarship Program.
  • Check and periodically update the student's personal page on the official website of the Foundation.
  • Conduct proper behavior and maintain astute professionalism in online social media outlets.

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