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Mentorship Program


Luys Mentorship is a peer-to-peer collaboration between Luys Scholars, Mentors and Armenian students between the ages of 15-25, who are Mentees. Mentors serve as role models for the Armenian youth who seek advice, guidance, and support in their academic endeavors and personal growth. Mentoring benefits both parties; Мentees receive coaching in their studies whilst Мentors fulfill their need to share and make a difference. Мentorship is the kind of collaboration where both parties learn from one another and create new values.

Mentor-Mentee: A Learning Collaboration
Mentoring is a demanding task. The task of coaching, advising requires a lot of patience and generosity of mind and time. As the relationship develops, needs evolve, and sometimes one person wishes to continue the collaborative work while the other feels as though all perceived benefits have already been gained. Mentors and Mentees collaborate with the goal to develop a shared vision for the future. Mentors propose projects that are relevant to their field of study in order to inspire their younger peers and Mentees. Mentees who are actively involved in the mentorship process, show more initiative, they are resourceful. They develop a quality work ethics. At the end of the academic year, Mentors are required to write a letter of recommendation for their Mentees. They are asked to comment on the personal and professional development growth of the Mentees they have been coaching.

Investing in Intellectual Capital
Luys Mentorship participants acquire skills and knowledge that are essential to address global issues and challenges in order to succeed in today's complex world: communication and collaboration, negotiation and problem solving, team building, creativity and innovation, system thinking and leadership, social responsibility, and ethics.

During the period of collaboration with Luys, Mentees implement their acquired skills and knowledge into practice by participating and organizing different projects and programs such as DAT, Knowledge Fair, Seeding Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (SEE), and many more programs.

Upon successful completion of the Luys Mentorship, Mentees are awarded a Luys Certificate in recognition for their contribution.


Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
  • Start of Mentor-Mentee Collaboration
  • Workshops by Luys Alumni
  • Meetings with Remarkable People
  • Working on Progress Plan
  • Workshops by Luys Alumni
  • Meetings with Remarkable People
  • Planning of the Special Projects
  • Designing Mentor-Mentee Projects
  • Launching the Special Projects
  • Finalizing Mentor-Mentee Projects


  • The online applications must be submitted in Armenian or in English.
  • The deadline for submissions is 18 December 2017, 7:00pm.
  • The participants will be selected on basis of submitted applications and interviews (if required).

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