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Luys Education & Endowment Fund for the Armenian World.

Through Education to Eternity.

Scholarship Program

Luys grants a loan or scholarship to Armenian students worldwide to study at the world`s top universities. Luys Scholars apply their acquired skills, knowledge, and expand network for Armenia`s benefit through their direct participation in the Develop Armenia Together Program.

Develop Armenia Together

DAT builds an infrastructure that harvests the knowledge of scholars. Its programs support the transition from academic to real world achievements. It is a special platform that adapts the knowledge to the community milieu to address challenges through innovative projects.


Mentorship is a peer-to-peer collaboration between Mentors (Luys Students) and Mentees (Armenian youth at the age of 15-25). Mentors serve as role models for Mentees who seek advice, guidance, and support in their academic endeavors and personal growth.

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Did you know?

  • Luys Scholars are citizens of 18 countries.
    Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Georgia, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Turkey and Argentina.
  • Luys alumni in Armenia include not only citizens of Armenia, but also of

    United States, United Kingdom, Iran, Russia, Sweden, France.
  • Luys alumni in Armenia are employed in the public, private, and civil society sectors.
  • Luys Scholars hail from 30 universities in 11 countries.
  • Currently, there are 411 Luys students and alumni, of which 266 are citizens of Armenia.
  • 56% of students are male. 44% of students are female.
  • 101 Luys scholars gained Bachelor's Degrees, 260 have Master's degrees and 50 are PhD students.
  • 16 Luys alumni are working in the government sector in Armenia and Artsakh.
  • 26 Luys alumni are working in the public sector, while 56 are engaged in the private sector.
  • 37 Luys alumni are continuing their studies at high ranking universities around the world.

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Luys is the Nervous System connecting the Armenian World

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