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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This list of the ten universities is decided according to the ranking established by an outside institution in order to ensure a non-bias approach. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) of the Center for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University publishes a yearly ranking of the top 500 universities in the world.

No, it is important to understand that this is the Luys internal regulation to be respected by all. This method helps ensure total clarity, a non-biased and just approach to all.

Financial profile and social class are not selection criteria. The financial profile or the social class of a student has absolutely no bearing in the university’s decision to admit a student or not.

Therefore, you will find all social classes represented among the Luys scholars. Universities admit students based on their academic achievements and merit only. Luys grants the scholarship once the university has informed the student that he/she has been admitted.

The "Luys Code of Honor" in the Armenian World:

  • Believe in yourself, in others and in a connected Armenian world.
  • Be honest, tolerant, respectful and proud.
  • Love and support all Armenians anywhere in the world.
  • Stay connected and work with Armenians around the world.
  • Strive to be the best in your field.
  • Do your best for humanity and the world.
  • Keep exploring, discovering and imagining.
  • Be open-minded and dare to be original in your thinking.
  • Choose a mentor and be a mentor to Armenian youth.
  • Develop yourself as an Armenian and develop Armenia.

Luys Students’ Duties:

  • Stay Connected at all times. Participate in online meetings with Luys Yerevan.
  • Participate and propose activities for the Luys Develop Armenia Program.
  • Share your knowledge and passion. Run a seminar when in Armenia.
  • Become a mentor to a younger students in Armenia.
  • Learn Armenian and about the Armenian culture while attending Luys Programs.
  • Contribute your academic publications to be published by Luys.
  • Host Luys students who may visit you on your university campus.
  • Provide quarterly progress reports, observations and suggestions.
  • Join or create an Armenian Student Association or a Luys Network within the university where you are studying.
  • Be a Luys Ambassador and an Ambassador of Armenian Culture wherever you are.

The Luys scholars start working with the Luys Foundation from day one of their grant award. Luys establishes a regular communication and exchange and determines what exceptional learning, experience and know-how the student plans to share with his/her peers when visiting Armenia. Every summer Luys organizes a month-long workshop set in rural Armenia where all Luys scholars come to think and work together.

Luys works at creating "brain circulation". This means that we encourage all people with knowledge and know-how to come to Armenia and contribute to seeding projects that make a difference. Luys actively seeks out experts and invites them to think of creating branch activities in Armenia. The goal is to make sure Armenia occupies an active place in the world global economy and contributes to setting trends.

Each scholarship recipient is part of a mission to channel pioneering knowledge and experience to Armenia. This explains how Luys constantly proposes new projects. Such knowledge and experience is realized through the projects that the students develop during the Develop Armenia Program. The list is regularly being updated.

Questions by Anna Yeghiazaryan, reporter at "Armenpress" news agency

Luys has elaborated an important idea and culture: Intellectual Philanthropy. Such philanthropy entails active participation in the building of the Armenian World. We all have things to learn and to impart to others. Each student joining Luys invests their strength to the work of constructing the best future through such Intellectual Philanthropy.

The mentorship program is Intellectual Philanthropy. The Luys student, the mentor, transfers his or her experience to another Armenian student, a mentee, offers him/her advice, and helps him/her achieve the best results in scientific and professional fields. The Mentorship program is a reciprocal process to enrich and be enriched, where everyone has the opportunity and possibility to work together. When the mentee applies and is admitted to one of the best universities in the world as the result of this two-way work, he/she also becomes a mentor and lends a hand to another Armenian student who requires his/her counsel and direction.

Each Luys student has a mentee. Together, they examine and elaborate programs and plans to be implemented in Armenia and strategies to help realize such implementation: the Luys student contributes his/her new knowledge and experience, and the mentee helps the mentor organize that knowledge and present it following current and local requirements.

Thanks to this mentor-mentee channel, Luys and Armenia’s students ensure the freshening of the valuable knowledge of Armenia’s and the world’s best educational centers.

To this day, Luys has close to 100 students and each of them works with at least one senior high school or university student from Armenia. By working together, they continue to cooperate during the entire year. Current technologies allow the students to overcome physical boundaries and distances, and to input their efforts, time and love into the work of developing Armenia.

From September to January, Luys students familiarize with the environment of their university. In the months of January and February, they plan the programs that will be implemented during the Develop Armenia Program. In March, they select their mentees and work with them throughout the year. Every year, starting October 15 to November 15, Gayane Ghumashyan, Luys Program Manager, calls on all of the students to join the Armenian World through the mentorship program.

Questions by Anna Yeghiazaryan, reporter at "Armenpress" news agency

Some students, who received a full scholarship, received it from the universities they applied to, or another source.
Luys never grants a full scholarship.
Most students, who do obtain a full scholarship, still wish to join the Luys scholars’ network. They gain access to a wide range of knowledge through their peers. They get to participate in the Develop Armenia Program and gain tremendous experience in how to go from academic knowledge into real-life. This is a unique chance to discover Armenia and understand the country's potential for new carriers and business development opportunities.

Scholarship Program Questions

The Luys Scholarship Program is a program that grants a loan or scholarship to Armenian students worldwide to study at the world’s top ten universities. A Luys loan turns into a scholarship when the scholar completes all duties required by the Luys contract for each year of study.

The Luys Scholarship online application opens on April 1, 00:00 midnight (Yerevan time), and closes on July 15, 23:59 (Yerevan time). Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

To be eligible, students must fulfill the following three conditions:

  • Be Armenian, that is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and/or of Armenian descent.
  • Be admitted to a full-time, degree-granting academic program (Bachelor, Master, PhD) at one of the Luys Recognized Universities.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 40 at the time of application.

Applicants will be asked to provide proof of identity that he/she is a direct descendent of Armenian parents or grandparents. Applicants that are Armenian residents are asked to submit a valid passport or Armenian ID card. Non-residents must submit a birth certificate, passport of parent (father or mother of Armenian ancestry), or a baptism certificate (proof that you were christened in the Armenian Church).

The student cannot apply if he/she only has a conditional offer from the university.

The student can apply for a Luys Scholarship only after having applied to the university’s internal student aid office for a scholarship. The financial application has to be updated and presented along with the current year academic program application when submitting the request for a scholarship with Luys Foundation. A student may not resubmit an old scholarship application.

Student cannot apply to Luys twice for the same academic degree level if he/she has already been granted a scholarship. For example, a Luys Scholar who has been funded by Luys for a master’s degree cannot apply for a second master’s degree.

The first 10 students that apply to Luys to study at one of the top ten universities listed by Luys (up to 10 scholarships per university) with a full application package that shows an unconditional offer for the upcoming academic year will be eligible for a Luys Scholarship.

Our statistics show that the vast majority of universities do not exceed the quota of 10 Armenian students accepted. In this respect, our criteria allows for ample generosity. For the universities that do accept a larger number of students, we work on the basis of first come, first serve, regardless of the field of study or graduate degree. Make sure that your application package is complete before applying to Luys. Our system records the date and time of your submission based on Armenian local time.

Students cannot apply to Luys if they only have a conditional offer from the university.

No, we do not make exceptions. Students may only apply for a Luys Scholarship in the event that they are accepted into one of the universities included in the list of Luys Recognized Universities.

You may apply for joint programs when the admissions offer and the graduate diploma are given from the university included in the list of Luys Recognized Universities. The tuition fee transfer should also be made to the financial office of that university.

Yes, you may apply for a Luys Scholarship for each year of study.

In this case, you need to combine the following documents into one document:

• your unconditional offer from the university
• an official letter from your university stating that you are currently enrolled at your university and will be eligible to continue your studies for the upcoming academic year which you are applying to Luys for.

Regarding the financial aid document, you should attach an official document from your university stating your financial aid status for the current and upcoming academic years.

Luys Foundation grants a loan or scholarship to Armenian students worldwide who have been accepted unconditionally and only to full-time degree-granting programs. The academic programs have to declare a fixed start and end dates.

According to the Luys Foundation’s criteria, a full-time academic program means a program that runs for a minimum duration of 9 months and up.

Programs that are outside our criteria are:
Summer academic programs, short-term academic programs, professional tracks, distance and online educational programs, as well as certification programs, conferences and business trips.

Please make a note that an academic program runs from:
- September to end of June of the following year or
- July to June of the following year.

The Luys Develop Armenia Together program that is compulsory always runs for entire month of July of every academic year.

You can apply for a Luys Scholarship only after having applied for a scholarship or financial aid for the university you wish to attend. The financial application has to be up-to-date when submitting a request for a Luys Foundation scholarship. If you do not meet a university scholarship criterion for financial aid, please submit an official confirmation letter stating that you are ineligible to receive aid from the respective university and you have applied to at least one other foundation for financial aid.

In the absence of a separate application form, you should submit the university’s refusal or approval of financing or a letter stating that the selection process is ongoing.

When awarding financial aid, Luys Foundation takes into account the university’s statement of need for financial aid and any additional grants the student may have received. Therefore, the amount varies depending on the student’s individual financial situation and assistance awarded by the university and other organizations. Luys grants a maximum of 50% of the total cost of attending the university, taking into account the tuition fee, living expenses, health insurance, the cost of academic materials (books, laptop, etc.) and travel expenses to Armenia.

Luys will grant funding for each academic year as follows:

  • Set university tuition fee (including college fee if applicable)
  • Living expenses
  • $15,380 for studying at a university in the US for 9 months (for the 2016-2017 academic year)
  • $12,400 for studying at a university in the UK for 9 months (for the 2016-2017 academic year)
  • Set university cost for health insurance (if needed)
  • $2,400 for academic materials
  • Up to $1,500 for airfare cost to participate in DAT

Please note that the amount allocated for living costs is fixed and non-negotiable. The above formula may be subject to adjustment according to Luys Council decision.

If the total amount of financial resources from an outside resource (i.e. university financial aid, scholarship, stipend, fellowship) does not exceed 50% of all expenses, Luys awards an amount equal to 50% of all expenses. If outside financial aid exceeds 50% of all expenses, Luys covers the remaining expenses.

Example of a Luys loan calculation for studying at a university in the US:

  • Tuition - $30,000
  • Living expenses - $15,380
  • Health insurance - $1,540
  • Academic materials - $2,400
  • Airfare cost - $1,500
  • All expenses - $ 50,820

Awarded financial assistance from outside sources - $15,000 (less than 50% of all expenses)

Luys Loan for the 2016-2017 academic year - $25,410 (50% of all expenses)

Example of a Luys loan calculation for studying at a university in UK:

  • Tuition - $18,000 (college fee - $4,000)
  • Living expenses - $12,400
  • Health insurance - $0
  • Academic materials - $2,400
  • Airfare cost - $1,500
  • All expenses - $38,300

Financial resources from outside - $21,000 (more than 50% of all expenses)

Luys Loan for the 2016-2017 academic year - $17,300 (remaining expenses)

If there is no mention about your Armenian identity on your passport or your parents’ passports, you should send both your parents’ birth certificates and grandparents’ identification documents.

Should there be no certificate of baptism, you must present documents that prove your Armenian identity, such as a passport, your birth certificate or the birth certificate of one of you parents. If the document is not written in Armenian, English or Russian please secure a proper translation and submit it along with the original document.

The biography should be written in the first person and in prose form. It should not read like a résumé.
The biography must include information regarding your birth date and birthplace as well as educational and professional backgrounds. Please use Unicode fonts, e.g. Sylfaen or Arial AMU, when writing in Armenian. To familiarize yourself with the way of drafting biographies, please follow the link: http://www.luys.am/en/students/index.

The photo should be a high resolution formal portrait rather than a free-style photo, showing your face clearly. The photo should not portray you wearing sunglasses and a cap, and it should not be cropped from a group picture. A photo of your smiling face is more than welcome, but please remember that it is going to be posted on our academic site, www.luys.am.

Once a student has been awarded a scholarship, the student will continue receiving support from Luys until the full completion of his/her academic program, regardless of whether or not their university drops off the list. When Luys starts supporting a student, the support will continue throughout the duration of the study program.

If your study time needs to be extended beyond the regular duration of your studies, Luys will not allocate any extra financial support.

Student cannot apply to Luys twice for the same academic degree level if he/she has already been granted a scholarship. For example, a Luys Scholar who has been funded by Luys for a master’s degree cannot apply for a second master’s degree.

For additional support from Luys, you must move on to the next level of degree (from an undergraduate to master’s or master’s to PhD). In this case, you will be placed on a waiting list and will only be awarded a scholarship grant if the 10 openings per university are not already taken by other applicants.

No, you may not apply for a Luys Scholarship to begin the same level of study at a different university. This will be deemed as applying to Luys twice for the same program.

Luys awards a student scholarship until the end of your current academic program. You can apply to Luys only once for the same level of academic degree (Bachelors, Masters or PhD).

We count on your honesty, integrity and dignity.

If you have an insurmountable reason that may prevent you from fulfilling your contract with Luys, you should contact Senior Operations Manager Gayane Ghumashyan without delay.

In case of an early termination or withdrawal from the academic program for any reason, the student is obligated to immediately inform the Luys Foundation and return the whole scholarship grant.

Decision #161 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia passed on February 9, 2012 states that deferral of conscription is granted to Armenian citizens who have been admitted to one of the higher education institutions from the Luys Recognized Universities.

Upon confirmation that a Luys Scholarship has been awarded and all contracts signed, the Luys Foundation will approach the Minister of Education and Science to mediate the request for deferral of conscription. The process is carried out in the month of August of each year.

The tuition fee includes the cost of tuition fees and only compulsory courses. It is the student's responsibility to review all the conditions prior to filling out the budget. The decision of the Luys Scholarship amount is final and cannot be reviewed.

Luys Scholarship applicants receive funding for one entire academic year. We do not provide funding for individual semesters.

If such a letter doesn’t exist, the applicant needs to submit the copy of the questions on his/her university application that pertains to the professional goals and intended future undertakings

The letter can be written in either Armenian or English with a minimum 250 word count. The topic of the letter is “How do you imagine your future and your contribution to the Armenian World?”.

Mentorship Questions

Mentorship is open to all youth ages 15-25 who submitted the completed application form and pass the interview stage.

Mentors are Luys Scholars who study the world's top universities.

Mentees are 15-25 year old Armenian youth from Armenia and the Diaspora.

No. Mentors and mentees can be from different professional fields.

Each mentee can collaborate with a few mentors. Priority must be considered and approved by the mentorship community organizer.

On the Luys website’s Armenian World page, you can find information about the Luys Scholars and contact them via email.

It’s possible that the mentor has a heavy workload and doesn’t answer as quickly as the mentee had expected. However, if he/she doesn’t receive an answer within one week, the mentee can write to mentorship@luys.am to ask for assistance.

Mentors and mentees create and implement projects that are related to the mentor’s profession and are directed toward the development of Armenia. During the program, mentees who show the greatest initiative will have the opportunity to participate in the Luys Develop Armenia Together program, during which time they will work together with mentors to realize their projects.

Only the most active mentees who have worked together with mentors and shown great initiative throughout the mentorship process will have the opportunity to participate in the DAT program.

It’s possible for mentors and mentees to be placed in different communities.

Regardless of whether or not the Luys Scholar is in Armenia, he/she will continue to work with his/her mentor.

Participants have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to practice, implement their own thoughts and ideas to enrich their understanding, communicate with those from different professional backgrounds who hold different skills, expand their social network, and form a new network to gain friends and acquaintances. Collaborating with a mentor doesn’t just entail knowledge exchange; it also allows for the opportunity to receive information about the world’s best educational centers directly from students at those universities.

Internship Questions

The Luys Internship volunteer program is open to all youth at the age of 17-25, who have a very good level of spoken and written Armenian and English, and basic computer skills, who are eager to learn, strive for self-development and improve their skills, are energetic and willing to take initiative.

The main functions of Luys Interns include work on reception desk: receiving visitors, providing accurate information about Luys via e-mail and phone communication, and accomplishing tasks assigned by the team members. Interns are actively involved in daily tasks and projects and participate in on-going workshops and events.

Interns are working at Luys office 2-3 times a week, ensuring the equal distribution of working hours.

The Internship Program gives participants the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practice, improve their practical skills, gain the necessary knowledge for working in a modern work environment, participate in various trainings, such as CV writing, interviewing skills, crafting elevator pitch, and technology fluency. As well as the Interns will have access to the Luys Community professional network.

The Interns can simultaneously apply and participate in the Luys Mentorship Program too.

Fundraising Questions

The Luys Foundation aims to establish an Education Endowment Fund, ensuring the continuity of the Luys Scholarship Program. As part of its Mission, each year Luys awards scholarship grants to Armenian students from around the world studying at the best universities.

An endowment fund is a type of investment fund, usually established by and for the purposes of a non-profit organization (foundation, charity, university, museum). The funds raised make up the principal amount, which is not used. Instead, only the income generated from the investment of these funds is used for the organization's purposes.

An endowment fund ensures the continuity of the non-profit organization's activities. In the case of the Luys Education Fund, the endowment fund will secure the continuity of the Luys Scholarship Program as well as the Luys Foundation.

The Luys Education Fund campaign, since this is a campaign for education and through education - eternity.

Armenians believe in education. Education has been the guardian of the Armenian World throughout the ages, allowing us to preserve our heritage through the most difficult of times. Wealth and riches may be stolen, but education can never be taken away.

By reasserting this conviction in education, we secure eternity for our legacy. By investing in our minds, we secure the future of a connected Armenian World.

The Luys Education Fund launched worldwide on 10.11.12 - the 10th of November, 2012.

"It's all about you.

You are both the person who makes this campaign happen and the person who is going to benefit. Think of it as an educational insurance policy.

Most importantly, by joining, you own a share of this Cause. You stand for education as a national value and as the path to the eternity of Armenian legacy.

After all, every Armenian matters. The Luys Education Fund is truly an all-Armenian effort involving Armenians worldwide. For this concept to thrive and do justice to the cause it represents, the participation of each Armenian is important."

"Luys connects the minds of the Armenian World and directs it to the development of Armenia, the Armenian World, and the World. The world economy is driven by Knowledge: this understanding lies at the basis of all the activities of Luys.

The Luys Foundation is free from any bias and connects Armenians regardless of opinions and beliefs. It is a new force for education, take the Armenian World to the next level. By contributing to the Luys Education Fund, you contribute to the enrichment of knowledge and the competitiveness of Armenians on the global stage."

"Investment in education yields infinite returns.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, ""Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."" Indeed, the returns an investment in education yield are subject to infinite multiplication. Knowledge can be infinitely passed on from one person to another - without diminishing.

Also, education and knowledge can never be ""demolished"" and so can be continuously re-invested for growth. This is by investing in education, we secure our legacy for eternity."

The Luys Education Fund utilizes the PayPal system for transfers. To make your contribution, you are forwarded to the secure link provided by PayPal, and all data input is handled by PayPal's secure servers. For more information on security, see the Security page on the PayPal website.

All funds raised through the Luys Education Fund campaign will be directed completely to scholarship grants through the Luys Scholarship Program.

This would allow Luys to forward more of its currently available resources to development projects designed and implemented as part of the Luys Develop Armenia Together Program.

The Luys Education Fund is managed by a special Investment Committee composed of high-caliber professionals with a wealth of experience in asset management. The Endowment Fund will be invested in a broad portfolio of projects and savings, securing a safe and sufficient return for the Scholarship Program.

Yes, the Luys Foundation is a private foundation. Until the launch of the fundraising campaign, Luys funds have been generated completely through donations by private individuals and organizations, as presented on the Luys official website.

No, contributions are forwarded to the Luys account specifically designated for this purpose. The resulting endowment fund is managed by a professional and independent Investment Committee

"The fundraising campaign goes far beyond simply the financial contribution. The Luys Foundation spearheads projects and activities in many fields, most of which are in cooperation with partners. Explore the Luys website for actions that may interest you. We would really like to hear from you on this.

After all, contributions can be not only monetary, but also non-monetary, in Luys Drams. You can contribute your time, knowledge, experience and networks in the implementation of Luys projects, regardless of where you are."

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