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SEE Circle 2017: Lecture Series #4

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SEE Circle 2017 - Cambridge - The Art of Negotiation

The Art of Negotiation. Series of Lectures on Negotiation Theory

Negotiation is inseparable part of our daily activities. Whether we recognize it or not, it takes place at every moment of our lives: at home with our family, in the workplace with our colleagues and third parties, and on international arena between countries. Negotiation is not a chaotic process, but is guided by a sound theory, used by various negotiators to address long standing and hard to deal with conflicts. The purpose of the mini course is to make the audience acquainted with important concepts and definitions in negotiation theory and have them rethink their traditional approach to negotiation process.
The course consists of four lectures, delivered on weekly basis. The lectures will start at 6:30pm and will last one hour. It will consist of a theoretic part and discussion, including Q&A.


Diana Gaziyan
Luys Alumna
Harvard University
Diana Gaziyan has extensive experience of working with USAID funded projects in Armenia in the area of decentralization and achieving stronger local governance. For around eight years she was the Chief Executive Officer of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia. In 2017, she graduated from Harvard Kennedy School of Government with a degree of Master of Public Administration (MPA). In 2003, Ms. Gaziyan received her Master of Science (MS) degree in Management from Wagner School of Public Service at New York University. She has been a participant in a number of renowned programs on leadership and governance.

Narek Bchtikyan
Coordinator / Luys Intern

Narek Bchtikyan is a Luys Intern, responsible for the coordination of this lecture series. Narek is currently studying medicine at Haybusak University of Yerevan.


Date & Time Topic
Nov 8, Wed, 6:30-8:00pm Overview and Introduction
Nov 15, Wed, 6:30-8:00pm "Interest" vs "Position"
Nov 22, Wed, 6:30-8:00pm Difficult Conversations
Nov 29, Wed, 6:30-8:00pm Psychological and Cognitive Processes in Negotiation


Time Description
06:15pm - 06:30pm Registration
06:30pm - 06:45pm A general introduction to the topic
06:45pm - 07:15pm Lecture series presentation
07:15 - 07:40pm Group discussions
07:40pm - 07:50pm Q&A
07:50pm - 07:55pm Takeaways
07:55pm - 08:00pm Assignments





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November 7, 5pm

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