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SEE Circle: Seeding Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


SEE Circle is a Luys initiative that aims at developing and seeding entrepreneurship ecosystem for a deep change in the entrepreneurial landscape of Armenia and creating a learning community of entrepreneurs for knowledge and experience sharing, fostering innovation and social change, supporting creation of new industries, prototyping of ideas that could be translated into new products and services and connecting them with the global world.


SEE Circle is shaping a leaning community of young and aspiring entrepreneurs and we propose a new format of teaching, sharing and learning.

It connects the SEE Circle members with the centers of excellence (MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia Universities etc.) through the Luys Scholars (currently studying at the top universities) and Luys Alumni (currently living and working in Armenia). Luys Scholars extend the courses happening now at the university through weekly online workshops and discussions run by their counterpart - Luys Alumni in Yerevan.

It's a new type of multi-party collaboration between Luys Scholars abroad, Luys Alumni and youth in Armenia who wish to advance and expand their knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship.


Lecture Series

Luys Scholars run offline/online workshops and master classes once a week and share their newly acquired knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship. They provide a conduit to entrepreneurial courses, resources, network, share ideas and organize online/offline discussions with the SEE Circle members. Luys Scholars have their counterpart - Luys Alumni in Armenia, with whom they co-design the workshops, translate the course material into Armenian and run a workshop.

Club Meetings

SEE Circle members, Luys Alumni who run start-ups in Armenia and other like-minded people come together every two months for socializing, networking, promoting entrepreneurial mindsets and empowering each other. One or two entrepreneurs pitch their start-ups, share their experience, talk about their challenges, get feedback, and learn from each other.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Peer-to-peer mentoring is the most powerful way to develop a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurship and strengthen ties between experienced and emerging entrepreneurs. SEE Circle members on the road to their success learn many unique lessons from their mentors: how to build a team, raise funding, master marketing and selling skills, negotiate and manage their teammates in tougher times. Experienced mentors are the most valuable asset for accumulating a wealth of knowledge regarding the launch and growth of enterprises.


Selection criteria for the workshop participants.
  • All active youth who are interested in advancing and expanding their knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • The profile of participants demand a mindset that is open to learning, committed to building a community of learning young entrepreneurs, being an active member of the SEE and ready to share, give feedback and co-create.
  • Participants are required to be consistent and take part in all sessions from beginning to end and for the full set of workshops and meetings.
  • Participants are required to be fluent in English, although workshop will be run both in Armenian and in English.

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