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Global Teaching Lab

The Global Teaching Lab or the Flipped Classroom Concept
An International Learning and inventing environment connect fields of knowledge, theory and practice.

Vanadzor - Armenia
July 10 – 19, 2017

The Luys Foundation is working in partnership with the Vanadzor Technology Center - Enterprise Incubator Foundation to host the MIT - MISTI program in Armenia. Together we connect the world’s centers of excellence with the centers of excellence in Armenia.

This summer, we will be implementing the MIT Global Teaching Labs (GTL) in Armenia for the 3rd time.

The Global Teaching Lab is a unique and new model for learning and teaching environments. The pilot, implemented in Armenia in 2015, inspired students and teachers all around the world.

The new Global Teaching Labs present the concept of “the flipped classroom”. This approach allows learners to benefit from the wealth of MIT on-line teaching courses and combines it with the hands-on laboratory setting. Students are asked to build something with the theoretical concepts they are learning on-line. It is a combination of learning and doing, going from theory into practice.

Flipped classrooms redefine classroom activities. Students learn the theoretical part on their time at home and engage in the content when coming to the classroom. Class activities vary and can include: math and emerging technologies, in-depth laboratory experiments, original document analysis, debate or speech presentation, current event discussions, peer reviewing, project-based learning, and skill development or concept practice.

This is a learning approach for active learning that develops thinking skills such as problem-finding, collaboration, design and problem solving skills. Students tackle difficult problems, work in groups, conduct research, and construct new knowledge with the support of their teacher and peers.

This year, the teaching of these new concepts will happen on July 10-19 in Vanadzor Technology Center Jul since it is equipped with the labs that are needed for this innovative approach of teaching and learning. A lot of the youth activities will include “home-learning” and “peer to peer coaching”. Luys is also thankful to AGBU for providing hosting for GTL instructors from MIT and diasporan Luys scholars participating in the Develop Armenia Together Program.

Today our centers of excellence are represented through their students. This is why we are contacting several learning establishments and high-schools in Armenia.

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Participation Criteria

Participants’ age: 14-20

Language knowledge: Fluent in English


Orbital Mechanics
Math and Computer science
Genetics & Epigenetics


Armen Samurkashian
Armen Samurkashian
Luys Scholar
Ani Chilingirian
Ani Chilingirian
MIT Student
Arsen Vasilyan
Arsen Vasilyan
Luys Scholar

Training date and time

July 10 – 19, 2017, 9:30am-1pm



Registration deadline

July 7, 2017


Vanadzor Technology Center (Address: 12 Shinararneri str. , Vanadzor)

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