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Art & Media Expression: Lecture Series #1

Exploring the cornerstone of the cinema storytelling: 3 Act Structure

"Exploring the cornerstone of the cinema storytelling: 3 Act Structure" is a lecture series designed for young artists and students making their first steps in moviemaking. It aims to give young professionals in writing and directing a clear understanding of the 3-act structure, the cornerstone of the cinema storytelling.

The knowledge of fundamentals of screenwriting will allow the young filmmakers to be more comfortable in telling stories of multi-dimensional characters and complex journeys, and will convey their artistic vision with utmost structural clarity and ease.


Participants are required to:
  • Have a keen interest in film and storytelling. Preference in selection will be given to applicants with background in film and cinematic arts?
  • Be fully prepared for each session: read their groupmates' materials and have their notes and comments ready before the start of each session.
  • Be open to learning and accepting constructive criticism from the workshop conductor and their groupmates.


Ovsanna Gevorgyan
Luys Scholar
University of Columbia
Ovsanna is a New York based Armenian writer and director. After getting her Bachelor's degree in Journalism at Yerevan State University in Armenia, she moved to New York to study film directing at Columbia University School of the Arts.
Her first feature film project, "My Heart Is Like Those Ruined Houses", was selected to be part of "Armenian-Turkish Cinema Platform" pitching lab. The same feature project is currently a semi-finalist for the Sundance 2018 January Screenwriters Lab.
Ovsanna's latest short film project - "Tale of the Anguished Gardener" (under the working title "Shusha Khrtsik") was selected by "Creative Europe Film Pitching Forum". Another short film by Ovsanna, "You can't go home again", will be screened at Lincoln Center as part of "Armenians In Film at Lincoln Center" series. During the past 3 years, Ovsanna has participated in 27 short film projects, 7 of which she wrote and directed.

Qnarik Martirosyan
Coordinator / Luys Intern

Qnarik Martirosyan is a fourth year student in Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, in the department of English and International Communication majoring at art coverage. She is an intern at Luys Foundation since September of 2017. She has been volunteering in For Equal Rights NGO and coordinated the English Club. She has volunteered in many media organizations as well.


1. Project Launch

November 24th: Meeting and workshop with the selected participants.

3 hour workshop with the group. First 30 minutes of the workshop, the group will get to know each other. It will be followed by an hour and a half presentation on 3-act structure of traditional cinema storytelling. The last hour of the workshop will be designated towards hearing the 5 ideas for films each participant has prepared in advance, With the help of the group, participants will select one script idea each to further develop into a short script.

The first workshop will be followed by skype-sessions every Friday, that will be conducted according to the calendar below.

2. Online Sessions

Date Description
December 1st Students present the treatment of their short script which entails a detailed account of the story: conflict, culmination and resolution.
December 8th Students present the second draft of their polished treatments with the notes, they've received during the November 7th session, implemented.
December 15th Students present bios for their key characters. We establish the protagonist and the antagonist of the story.
December 22th Students present the first draft of their short script. The group discusses the script and gives a set of notes to each presenter.
January 19th Students present their 2nd drafts - with notes implemented.
January 26th 4-hour Skype session-wrap up meeting: The students receive their final notes.

3. Final Phase of the Project

March 5th, 2018: Ovsanna Gevorgyan, the lecturer flies back to Armenia. Per her return, one-to-one sessions with each student are conducted from March 13th to 18th, where students discuss their final drafts, polish their scripts and get is ready-to-go.
March 23rd, 2018: Ceremony of certification.


Time Description
06:15pm - 06:30pm Registration
06:30pm - 06:45pm A general introduction to the topic
06:45pm - 07:45pm Interactive sessions
07:45pm - 07:55pm Q&A
07:55pm - 08:00pm Assignments





Luys Foundation (Address: 2/2 Melik-Adamyan street, 0010 Yerevan)

Registration deadline

November 22, 5pm

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