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Develop Armenia Together

About the Program DAT 2016

The Luys Develop Armenia Together (DAT) Program is the Luys Foundation’s signature program that engineers the transition from academic accomplishment to real-life achievement. DAT inspires knowledge exchange and the process of co-creation between novice and experts, between Luys Scholars from around the world and local community members.

The new global knowledge economy demands flexibility and skills to produce continuous innovation. For this reason, we need a new approach to education that pairs learning with real experience and fieldwork.

Luys Scholars study at the world’s top 10 universities and use their newfound knowledge in various fields of study, including finance, technology, science and psychology, to develop innovative solutions to tackle old and new challenges.

Every summer Luys Scholars come from all corners of the world to work together in Armenia. For every challenge they identify, they brainstorm together along with the local community to come up with several solutions and design prototypes for those solutions. In this way, Luys fosters innovative thinking and co-creation.

Luys Scholars are constantly facing new challenges and overcoming them through their “can do” attitudes and new ways of thinking and working together. Each year they discover the wide range of expertise and practices that each team member brings as well as the local knowledge and experience of community members with whom they live and work.

DAT 2017:Locations

This year, DAT will take place in 5 communities throughout Armenia and Artsakh (Stepanakert, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Dilijan and Gargar), with a high concentration of projects in order to show the combination of focused developments and their collective impact.

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