Mission and Vision
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Mission and Vision


In the knowledge-based global economy, Armenia must create a stronger presence among the world's leading creative thinkers and innovators to ensure that it thrives and participates equally with the leading nations. Luys Foundation has been tasked with this endeavor.

Luys Foundation’s mission is threefold: LEARN, DO, CO-CREATE.

LEARN  Create and unite a generation of critical, creative thinkers by increasing the number of Armenian students attending the world's leading universities, and providing financial support as well as mentoring to eligible students.

DO Build an infrastructure that harvests the knowledge, experience and connections of Luys students and offers programs that support the transition from academic to real-world achievement for Armenia’s benefit.

CO-CREATE  Mobilize the youth to work together to find solutions to real world challenges through co-creation and innovative approaches. Develop the individual’s thinking while weaving a culture of collective intelligence.

Vision & Implementation

The long-term vision of Luys Foundation is to build a culture of civil servants and a social institution that will foster positive cultural, academic, business and communal change in Armenia by raising the level of education and sense of civil responsibility among Armenian youth. Luys builds an infrastructure of new institutions, programs and relationships within Armenia to support this change.

The Luys Foundation is an ambitious undertaking that stands on a path to thriving Armenia. This goal is achievable because we adopt the best practices from the best thinkers and most advanced social and research communities from around the globe.

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