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The Swiss Embassy in Armenia and the Luys Foundation Unite to Promote Excellence in Education

June 11, 2014 swiss, scholarship, science

Knowledge is an important factor in driving the economic, social, and cultural development of the 21st century new economy. In 2012 the Embassy of Switzerland and the Luys Foundation established a partnership within the framework of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. An important milestone in building Armenia’s knowledge economy, this fruitful collaboration stimulates an exchange of knowledge and best practices across all domains of expertise.

A press conference was held in celebration of the collaboration between the Swiss Government Scholarship Program and the Luys Foundation, which took place at Hyatt Place Yerevan on June 11th. The press conference was led by His Excellency Mr. Lucas Gasser, Ambassador of Switzerland to Armenia, Jacqueline Karaaslanian, Executive Director of the Luys Foundation Education, and Elina Markaryan, Public, Government and Sponsors Relations Manager of the Luys Foundation.

Ambassador Gasser presented the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year to Samvel Hovakimyan, an exceptional young Armenian researcher who will continue his research in geology in Switzerland as a postdoctoral candidate, analyzing the formation of mineral deposits in Armenia’s Syunik region. Speaking about how he envisions his research will be practically used in the Armenian context, Samvel expressed, “My proactive results will enable mining companies to expand their expert systems and direct this toward new prospective mineral exploration projects.”

In addition to speaking about the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, Ambassador Gasser presented a new competition to the public for the first time: the Dimitri Mirimanoff prize in applied mathematics, a scholarship that will be available to high school and university students in Armenia who propose the best mathematical modeling projects that solve real world issues.

Mrs. Karaaslanian spoke about excellence and collaboration as important values to instil in Armenia’s youth and expressed her thanks to the Embassy of Switzerland for its partnership toward excellence. As a forward-thinking leader who continually keeps the future of Armenia in mind, she seeks to secure productive collaborations and increase the number of Armenian scholars in centers of excellence worldwide. In expanding this important collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland, the Luys Foundation opens up yet another path to connect the Scientific Diaspora to Armenia.

Tatevik Hakobyan, a Luys alumnus, expressed her deep appreciation for the scholarship at the press conference and shared, “Our young students have the most important resource: their intellectual capacity. Luys does everything for those youth to come together and puts them on the right track. When engineer-minded and business-minded people unite, together they can create new jobs and different professional work environments. Most importantly, together we can build a promising future for Armenia.”

Luys Foundation envisions Armenia as an active participant in setting innovative research and market trends. Through partnerships with international centers of excellence, Luys creates and unites a generation of critical, creative thinkers and builds an infrastructure that supports the transition from academic to real-world achievement for Armenia’s benefit. The incredible wealth of knowledge of Armenia’s youth will ensure that Armenia participates on an equal footing with powerful nations in this new global economy.

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