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Swiss Government Grants Scholarships to Three Armenian Researchers

June 03, 2013 scholarship, scholars, swiss

The Swiss Government awarded its Excellence Scholarships to three exceptional young Armenian researchers: Gohar Grigoryan, Hasmik Osipyan and Mariam Mnatsakanyan. The award reception was held at the Luys Foundation Office on the 23rd of May. The meeting was honored with the presence of the Swiss Confederation ambassador to Armenia, His Excellency, Mr. Konstantin Obolensky. He presented the two scholars and awarded them the certificates along with Jaqueline Karaaslanyan, Executive Director of Luys Education.

“Out of the 20 eligible applications that the Swiss Confederation Embassy in Armenia received, three were awarded the Excellence Scholarship”, stated His Excellency during the award ceremony.

This year the application process for the academic year of 2014-2015 will begin on August 2013 and will be accessible through the Luys Website.

One of the grantees, Gohar Grigoryan will be carrying out a research on “The Manuscript Ornament of Cilician Armenia in comparison to the European and Byzantine Manuscripts of the same period”. Dealing with the Medieval Studies is the greatest pleasure for me. The Armenian manuscripts with their symbolism greatly inspire and motivate me to make new discoveries in ancient history”, said Gohar.

Mariam Mnatsakanyan expressed her sincerest gratitude; “the success of one researcher is the success for everyone”.

Ms. Jaqueline Karaaslanian thanked the Swiss Ambassador to Armenia Mr. Obolensky in trusting the Luys Foundation with the management of the application process of the Excellence Scholarship.

Scholar Gohar Grigoryan will study in the department of Medieval Art-history of Fribourg University, while Hasmik Osipyan and Mariam Mnatsakanyan will study at the University of Geneva.

Starting September 2013, all three grantees will begin their journey to Switzerland to start conducting their research. These scholars will establish a bridge between research centers in Armenia and the ones in their new educational surroundings. Also, after having spent a year in their universities, the scholars will return to Armenia and contribute their expertise and knowledge to the development of Armenia.

Article by Anahit Evoyan & Hilda Yacoubian

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