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Seminar on Creating Successful Applications to UK’s Top Universities

December 04, 2012 seminar, scholars, admissions, students, universities

As December was a time for many prospective students to submit applications to UK’s top universities, I decided to run seminar dedicated to admissions process.

I prepared a presentation on how to apply, which covered all the stages of creating a competitive application. To make the seminar more interactive, I called on the participants to not hesitate to ask me questions throughout the presentation.

I started with the general admissions requirements for undergraduate and graduate applicants. I then passed onto discussing the comparison of the Armenian grading system with British standards. I later addressed the concern of acquiring the best possible letters of recommendation.

What I focused on and talked about in great detail was the process of writing a successful personal statement. I described the format most preferred by UK admissions officers. I discussed what the applicants should focus on to best impress the admissions officers.

I concluded the seminar with a Q&A session on funding opportunities for the Armenian students studying in the UK. I provided the applicants with a list of possible funding sources and gave some suggestions on what to write in a cover letter when applying for funding.

I remember how confusing the admissions process seemed to me two years ago, when I was applying to the UK. However, I soon realized that the process is actually quite simple, if one knows what to look for and what tools to use. It is all about being informed. I’m now more than happy to pass along everything I know about process, in hopes of helping future applicants save time.

All the participants at the seminar were highly motivated young people. I have no doubt they will get into the universities of their dreams.

P.S. If there is anyone who could not attend the seminar but is interested in the presentation, feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to forward you the material or answer any questions that you may have.

Marta Sandoyan
Luys Alumni

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