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Armenian for Everyone

February 15, 2011 AVC, AGBU, scholars, students, trainings
The Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is the first Armenian language program of its kind. The AVC has operated as the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s educational institution since 2009.

The AVC offers certificates in Armenian studies at a collegiate level.

As of today, the Armenian Virtual College has had eight terms and worked with students from the USA, France, Russia, Venezuela and the Reunion Island.

"I live in a city where there are no resources to study Armenian. Online education really helps in this regard," says AVC student Jacques Hagopian. He is 61 years old and lives in France.

Currently, three departments operate in the AVC: Language, History and Culture. Each department offers courses at different levels and in six languages: Armenian (Eastern and Western), English, Russian, French and Spanish.

Students may enroll from all corners of the world, regardless of age. Having Armenian roots is not a prerequisite. "I have students who are not Armenian; they simply have Armenian friends or spouses and are interested in the Armenian language," says AVC lecturer Marine Khachaturyan.

The AGBU also provides students with financial support. "We always try to support our students by providing them with scholarships, because our goal is to preserve ‘Armenianness’ and to make Armenian education accessible," says AVC development specialist Taline Djeghelian.

Lecturer Arpineh Tavakalyan describing her work. She told us that the goal is not simply to teach Armenian. "We try to do everything, so that our students completely immerse in Armenianness," says Tavakalyan.

According to Tavakalyan, teaching leaves a serious impact on the future work of the students. “One of the students who has, since the beginning, diligently participated in our courses, currently is leading the opening works of an Armenian school in France," says Tavakalyan.

There are no prerequisites for becoming an AVC student. The application process for the 2011 Spring Term has already started. Nare Sahakyan
Translator – Heghnar Yeghiayan

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