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The Swiss Embassy and Luys Foundation promote excellence in education

July 05, 2015

Knowledge is an important factor in driving the economic, social, and cultural development of the 21st century new economy. In 2012 the Embassy of Switzerland and the Luys Foundation established a partnership within the framework of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. An important milestone in building Armenia’s knowledge economy, this fruitful collaboration stimulates an exchange of knowledge and best practices across all domains of expertise.

A press conference was held in celebration of the collaboration between the Swiss Government Scholarship Program and the Luys Foundation, which took place at the AGBU Building in Yerevan on July 3rd. The press conference was led by His Excellency Mr. Lucas Gasser, Ambassador of Switzerland to Armenia and Jacqueline Karaaslanian, Executive Director of the Luys Foundation Education.

His Excellency Mr. Gasserspoke about the creation of research labs as the seed of a new economy. Alumni of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships program shared their experiences and expressed how higher education is shaping the future of Armenia. After this introduction, His Excellency Mr. Gasser presented scholarship awards to scholars for the 2015-2016 academic year to Dr. Babken Asatryan and Mrs. Ani Hovhannisyan.

Dr. Asatryan, who will be embarking on his PhD at the University of Bern’s Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Science, will conduct research on the genetic basis of sudden cardiac death in youth. Speaking about how he envisions his research will be practically used in the Armenian context, he stated, “I believe that my research will give great results that I can use in my clinical practice and will help me further develop prevention methods and guidelines for at-risk groups.”

Mrs. Hovhannisyan will pursue her PhD at the University of St. Gallen to study and research education management. Grateful for the opportunity, she shared, “This is simply a wonderful opportunity to explore the Swiss education system and learn about educational reforms in the field of education and successful best practice in Switzerland. Since Armenia is currently in the process of educational reform, I believe that the results of my research will be significant and applicable to the development of Armenia’s education sector.”

Following the scholarship award presentation, Jacqueline Karaaslanian spoke about how the incredible wealth of knowledge of Armenia’s youth translates on a larger scale to ensure that Armenia participates on an equal footing with powerful nations in this new global economy. Closing the session, Luys Alumnus and Urban Designer at Tim Flynn Architects Lilly Djaniants addressed the importance of thinking big to enhance an innovative culture that is already in progress in Armenia.

Luys Foundation envisions Armenia as an active participant in setting innovative research and market trends. Through partnerships with international centers of excellence, Armenia will create and unite a generation of critical, creative thinkers and build an infrastructure that supports the transition from academic to real-world achievement for Armenia’s benefit.

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