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Mathematics for Computer Science - 2017


Orbital Mechanics
Math and Computer science
Genetics & Epigenetics

MISTI Global Teaching Labs - Armenia
Arsen Vasilyan (vasilyan@mit.edu), MIT’19


The course covers basic discrete mathematics relevant to computer science. The class closely follows the online materials available on MIT OpenCourseWare:

https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-042j-mathematics-fo r-computer-science-fall-2010/index.htm

The course goes on for 2 weeks and due to the time constraints covers only the first 10 lectures of the MIT course.

Besides making the students acquainted with mathematical proofs and basic discrete mathematics, the purpose of the course is also to teach the students how to use online education resources, in particular MIT OpenCourseWare, which has many other courses available online for self-study.


The only prerequisite is being comfortable with English, since the course will be taught in English and the course materials are presented in English.

No other background is required to take the course

Course Structure

A video lecture will be presented every weekday of the GTL-Armenia program. The lectures will familiarize the students with the material which they will then use to solve the homework problems.

There will be a homework assignment due on every other lecture. There will be office hours every day, in which students can ask for help and advice regarding their homework or projects.


The grade is a combination of the following, weighted by the corresponding percentage.

Homework 60%

Attendance 40%


Lecture 1Introduction and proofs
Lecture 2InductionProblem set 1 due
Lecture 3Strong induction
Lecture 4Number theory IProblem set 2 due
Lecture 5Number theory II
Lecture 6Graph theory and coloringProblem set 3 due
Lecture 7Matching problems
Lecture 8Graph theory II: minimum spanning treesProblem set 4 due
Lecture 9Communication networks
Lecture 10Graph theory III Problem set 5 due

* This schedule is subject to minor changes. The schedule is identical to the first 10 lectures of the corresponding MIT course, available on MIT OpenCourseWare:

https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-042j-mathematics-fo r-computer-science-fall-2010/calendar/
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