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Introduction to Genetics - 2017


Orbital Mechanics
Math and Computer science
Genetics & Epigenetics

MISTI Global Teaching Labs
Ani Chilingirian (anic@mit.edu), MIT ‘17


The class will introduce students to genetics, starting from mendelian genetics and progressing through human genetics and DNA replication. More advanced quantitative principles and technologies may be explored. The material will be drawn from MIT’s course 7.012 (Introductory Biology). The class will be two weeks in duration.


The course will be taught in English and proficiency is essential. Students should have had a previous biology course. Familiarity with molecular biology is preferred but not essential.


Class will be held once a day for one hour. The classes will consist of lecture, demonstrations, and group activities. Students will have 1-2 hours of assignments each day. There will be no examinations as grading will be based off of class participation and assignments


Week 1 will cover Mendel’s experiments, chromosomal theory of inheritance, meiosis, linkage, and inheritance. Week 2 will cover DNA, DNA replication, the central dogma, and technologies and applications. The schedule subject to change based on the background and interests of the students.

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