DIGITAL ARMENIA Technology Fluency For All
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DIGITAL ARMENIA Technology Fluency For All

How It All Started

Luys Scholars have been implementing community development projects in different regions of Armenia and Artsakh, including Gargar, a village located in the Lori District. During the past six years, through the “Develop Armenia Together” program of the Luys Foundation, Luys scholars have continuously introduced new technological tools to these communities with the objective that the villagers will gradually adopt the use of advanced technologies within different spheres of rural life, such as education, employment, tourism, healthcare, business development, etc.

During the 2016 “Develop Armenia Together” program in Gargar, a group of Luys Scholars implemented the project “Code for Armenia,” an initiative that aimed to acquaint Armenian students in grades 2-5 with basic computer programming. Since this pilot project was a great success, Luys took upon itself the responsibility of making it continuous and comprehensive.

Project Description

In 2017, the Luys Foundation collaborated with Technology & Science Dynamics (TSD) to start the Digital Armenia Program, which aims to advance computer education and develop the economies of the communities. As part of this project, Technology & Science Dynamics (TSD) provided its own brand of ArmTab computers to Gargar's schools. Students now use these computers to learn programming skills that serve both the community as well as themselves.

With the invitation of Luys, Quantum College also joined the Digital Armenia Program. Its outstanding professionals are currently in the process of organizing and implementing the programming course “Logo” for Gargar’s teachers and students.

The Agreement

Gargar’s students have signed an agreement with Luys to ensure an even more efficient process of completing the required tasks by Luys. According to the agreement, the completion of each requirement will earn students 5 points. The students are expected to collect 30-35 points per week.

The agreement will be in effect from the 10th of March, 2017 to the 1st of June, 2017. A renewal of the contract may be granted as set forth by the requirements of the “Develop Armenia Together” program.

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